Summer Courses in Red Hook!

Summer courses in Red Hook are now listed in Geneseo’s summer schedule and they are as follows:

ARTH 173 History of Western Art:  Neoclassic to Contemporary  with All Myzelev   6/13 – 7/08

GEOG 377  Urban Geography with Jennifer Rogalsky      5/16 – 6/24

ENGL 202   Reading as Writer:  Writing NYC  with Jess Fenn    5/16 – 6/24

INTD 288   Intro to Visual Culture  with  Todd Goehle    6/27 – 8/05

PLSC 140   International Politics   with  Changkuk Jung    5/16 – 6/24


All courses are hybrid – a mix of online and in-person site visits to Red Hook, each of which will be one-day experiences, do not require student housing, but will be most accessible for students who can be in Red Hook for these days. (NYC, New Jersey, Westchester County, and Long Island based).

Questions? Email me at

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