Livable Neighborhoods Program

The Red Hook Planning Committee (I am now a member!) was chosen to participate in the New York City-based Livable Neighborhoods Program. The program, sponsored by the Department of Small Business Services and the Municipal Arts Society of New York involves one-on-one coaching to build capacity for neighborhood-serving organizations with a focus on nonprofit management skills, project implementation approaches, and community engagement strategies.

In Red Hook, sessions will start in January – we are hoping to host it in SUNY Geneseo’s space on Ferris Street. There will be five workshops  running from January to June, all open to the public, with a mission of aligning goals and needs to strengthen the Red Hook community.

Topics will include planning, resiliency, economic development, using data to understand neighborhood concerns, and the implementation and creation of a comprehensive plan.

Some research needs that have been expressed by members of the committee that might come out of these sessions:

  • Formation of a knowledge bank (online) to document efforts like the Livable Neighborhoods Program and those from the past
  • Research/course on Red Hook history, especially the history of buildings and structures in this community
  • Merchants association for the businesses on the main streets here – similar to the efforts in Livingston County
  • Community resource mapping


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