Data 2 Go: NYC’s latest data mapper

Sarah Burd-Sharps is the founder and co-director of nonprofit Measure of America, an organization with a mission of providing easy-to-use tools for understanding well-being and opportunity in America. She is resident of Red Hook and created this one-pager that offers an overview of well-being in the neighborhood.

Today, Measure of America released its newest online mapping and data tool that “brings together for the first time federal, state, and city data an a broad range of issues critical to the well-being of all New Yorkers.” The tool, called Data 2 Go, shares 300 indicators for the city’s 59 community districts, and over 150 of the indicators are also applicable at the census tract level. Indicators include everything from educational attainment to food security measurements.

There are three interfaces for users to examine their local data: maps, dashboards, and connections. The most fascinating choice, I think, is the connections tool, that allows users to look at the correlation between a variety of factors, like the one below where we map median household income vs. % of adults with bachelors degrees:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.00.16 PM

The pink dot in this map is Community Board 6, where Red Hook, Park Slope, and Carroll Gardens are located. As you can see, there is a strong relationship between completion of a bachelors degree and median income for communities across NYC.

What’s interesting is the data associated with overall CB6 (Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook) vs the New York City Housing Authority residences in Red Hook. For example, the basic measurement of median household income provides us with the following information:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.05.27 PM

As of 2013, the median household income in the NYCHA Red Hook Houses was <$20,000, but the median household income in the rest of Red Hook is almost $70,000. So, Data 2 Go is useful as we unpeel the layers that exist within Red Hook and between the neighborhood and its bordering communities.

Click here to start exploring Red Hook and other communities in NYC. If you get stuck, there are accessible tutorials on the site.

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