NYC students – majors, years, and counties

Geneseo has over 1,100 current students coming from the New York City region that includes Long Island, the five NYC boroughs, and Westchester County. To gain a better understanding of what the “market” is for courses and other offerings in Red Hook, I broke the list up in a few different ways.

Here are the basics:

Class year – pretty even except for the current freshman class, which jumped up to 317 this year. This is a good sign.

class years

Breaking the NYC region down by county:

Suffolk and Nassau Counties are two Long Island Counties, and home to a huge percentage of NYC region students.


Top majors – looks similar to general student population. I see opportunities for cross-listing courses and/or focusing on INTD, humanities and other required courses based on the variety of majors and number of undeclared students.


And to break the School of Business and School of Education down:

Many business administration students.


Majority early childhood education from School of Ed:


Questions? This data can be broken down in  many ways, and I can always provide more information.

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