Getting to Red Hook, Brooklyn

Here are some quick tips for navigating your way into Red Hook.

NYC Ferry Service – South Brooklyn route


Ferry rides are $2.75 per trip and can be purchased at the landing, at Pioneer Street in Red Hook. The ferry comes every 30 minutes and stops in Bay Ridge, Red Hook, Dumbo, and Wall Street.

IKEA Water Taxi

Water Taxi from Pier 11 at Wall St. Nearby subway stations include Whitehall St (R), Bowling Green (4,5) South Ferry (1), Wall St (2,3), Broad St (J,Z).

Free on the weekends, and leaves Pier 11 starting at 11:30 am. 15 minute boat ride lands at Fairway Market, up the street from 106 Ferris St.



The closest trains are the F and G at Smith/9th St. From there, you can either walk into Red Hook (15 minutes), or wait for the free B61 bus toward Downtown Brooklyn. The bus stop is right outside of the subway station, and has stops up and down Van Brunt Street in Red Hook. Click here to see where the bus stops.

Outside of the Smith/9th station is also a free IKEA shuttle, which comes and goes, but kind of inconsistently. If you see a bus with a small IKEA sign on it outside of the station, hop on and get a free ride into Red Hook.


As indicated above, the B61 bus comes into Red Hook.

So does the B57, which you’ll want to take toward the IKEA terminal.


Yes, taxis go into Red Hook! If you land at Smith/9th station with a few friends and want to split a $7 ride to Van Brunt St in Red Hook, that’s easy enough too. Same with Uber

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