Student forum, an update

We had about 30 students and some staff at the on-campus student forum this week. Most students were from NYC. I shared information on Red Hook, its significance to the college, and opened the floor for student questions and thoughts.

I asked why they came to the meeting, where they saw opportunity, and what sort of challenges they identified, and they made the following points:

  • Having a space in Brooklyn will offer current students the opportunity to meet alumni living in NYC and shape their post-college path
  • One student is currently in the entrepreneurship class and sees our presence in NYC as an opportunity for him to make connections and get his ideas off the ground
  • When I asked why students from NYC chose Geneseo, a lot of them said they knew very little about the college when they got accepted (one even shared a story about a friend driving upstate with her family to check out Geneseo, only to have her dad tell her it was too far away and it wasn’t happening … yikes!). Our presence in Brooklyn will get our name out there and improve our influence for prospective students.
  • There is excitement over the potential for courses and research that will benefit the Red Hook community; topics like transportation, education, advocacy came up
  • They easily saw connections between their college career and the opportunities in Red Hook, especially when it comes to coursework – it just makes sense, they said.
  • One student said a summer course would make her stay at home a “little more exciting.”
  • Definite interest in funded research and internships in Red Hook, including ambassadorships and grants through Sponsored Research
  • Seemingly unanimous agreement that Geneseo is A LOT different from NYC, and it’s a bit of a transition for students. Perhaps there is potential for some sort of on-site orientation to get all NYC students in one room before school starts.


  • Housing for students not from NYC
  • A lot of enthusiasm at the begin that ultimately fades away
  • “Everyone is going to want a slice”

Read coverage in The Lamron for more information.

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