Cuisine: Red Hook Food Vendors

Food trucks – they’re trendy and tasty (sometimes tasty. I had a negative experience once with some sliders and crinkle-cut fries). I remember when Cheesed and Confused made its debut in Geneseo and students came together over late-night pulled pork and mac’n’cheese sandwiches.

In NYC, food trucks are huge. There’s gotta be hundreds of food trucks and they even get their own websites for users to locate the trucks: and! They sell burritos, cookies, salads, sushi, kimchi – everything.

But Red Hook was on its food truck game WAY before any foodies started retrofitting UPS trucks in 2005 to sell poutine and lobster rolls. Since 1974 Red Hook Park has welcomed Red Hook Food Vendors every weekend (during appropriate months) to sell the most authentic, mouth-watering Latin street food, from chalupas and tacos to grilled corn and pupusas. Now in its 41st year, the Red Hook Food Vendors are going strong: They even won four Vendy’s, the NYC equivalent of Oscar’s for street food!

food trucks

There are usually 6 food trucks: Vaquero, Solber Papusas, El Olomega, the Colombian food truck, Piatzlan, and Country Boys. Country Boys is below:

food vendors 1

Amazing chalupas, 3/$7! With pickled jalapeños, as I choose to live dangerously.


Red Hook Park is right across from the Red Hook Recreation Center, home to one of the best and biggest public pools in NYC. The Guatemalan soccer league offers a good show while you eat to make for the perfect weekend afternoon.

red hook park

The park can be found on the map:

red hook foodvendors

Read more about the vendors at the links below:

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Thrillist: How to get NYC’s best pupusas

New York Times: The corn cakes of Red Hook

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